Donations – What We Accept

We are happy to accept donations of your unwanted items that we can use to upcycle into our reusable products. Due to space constraints, we ask that you contact us with what you have so we can determine if we have room to store it. Thanks!

We accept:
Lacy curtains or tablecloths
Printed cotton/poly cotton (think of quilting fabrics)
Muslin fabric
Polar fleece blankets
Printed t-shirts (thicker fabric, larger sizes work best)
Cotton or poly-cotton thread
Shank buttons or wooden buttons
Pure beeswax
Cutlery (forks, knives, spoons)
100% Wool yarn
Embroidery floss

Our wishlist:
Working printer/ink
Cricut machine
Self healing cutting boards, larger sizes
Hard plastic quilting rulers/squares and t-square
Rotary cutter blades (45mm)
Paper trimmer
Pinking shears